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4x4 Club to Benefit Memberís Attendance to Pageant (May 13th, 2008)

Louisiana 4x4 Club Hosts Benefit Ride for Miss Louisiana Teen America

At the May 2008 meeting of the Louisiana 4x4 Club, Lance Green, President, proposed a benefit 4x4 trail ride for club member, Amber Gautreau, Miss Louisiana Teen America.

Ms. Gautreau joined the Louisiana 4x4 Club two years ago. Since then, Amber has participated in many of the off-road trail rides hosted by the club. She is well loved by club members and shocks some with her desire to battle the challenging terrain.

Earlier this month, Amber was named Miss Louisiana Teen America. To help her raise funds to attend the national competition, Louisiana 4x4 Club unanimously voted to host a benefit off-road trail ride on May 18th in Easleyville, Louisiana.

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Louisiana 4x4 Club is a family-oriented club for off-road enthusiasts. Their rides disallow alcohol, drugs, and foul language.

Miss Louisiana Teen America, Amber Gautreau, is a sound social investment. She is in this top 5 percentile of her class at Woodlawn High School in Baton Rouge, and participates in several extra-curricular activities including National Honors Society.

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