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Aliens Help Commemorate America's National Library Week (April 20th, 2008)

National Library Week took on an extraterrestrial theme at Mercer County Library in Princeton Junction, New Jersey, when local author Faiz Kermani beamed in to talk to children about his fiction book, "My Alien Penfriend”.

National Library Week celebrates its 50th anniversary this year with a wealth of programs across the US, sponsored by the American Library Association ( and libraries across the country. It is a time to celebrate the valuable contributions of America’s libraries and librarians and to promote library use and support. All types of libraries—school, public, academic and special—participate.

Local author Faiz Kermani spoke to children at Mercer County Library about his book “My Alien Penfriend”. The book is set 200 years in the future, where young alien Zmod eager to discover more about Earth, contacts earthling Darius. Their ensuing friendship outlasts the threat of alien terrorists, the menace of an environmental disaster and even the reapparition of a famous Scottish monster… Cleverly written and full of suspense, emotion and laughter, My Alien Penfriend will embark you on an unforgettable trip between futuristic Earth and fascinating planet Bartoch.

The visit also featured an elaborate alien-inspired theme involving a number of extraterrestrial props. As well as being able to learn about the book, children were invited to "have a photo taken with an alien".

“These visits are a lot of fun and the children always come up with some terrific ideas,” commented Faiz. “They have no shortage of imagination and I hope they will use them in writing their own stories.”

See what those on Earth are saying about ‘My Alien Penfriend’:

“Sometimes differences make for the strongest friendship as Zmod and Darius discover in “My Alien Penfriend”. Faiz Kermani brings us a fantasy tale of two young boys corresponding by spacemail. This book is well written, interesting and an easy read”.
- Debra Gaynor, Reader Views

“A fun and easy read for the young, budding science fiction fan”.
- Nancy Morris, Allbooks Reviews

“A fun story for young science fiction fans that shows friendship doesn't care about differences.”
- Christina Lewis, Kidsbookshelf

“The pen pal/penfriend device is a unique and effective way to develop characters, explore ideas, and present different points of view. Though the setting is 200 years in the future, the reader will easily recognize Darius and Zmod as believable and likable peers.”
- The Reading Tub

“My Alien Penfriend is a novel for young adult readers about two children living on opposite sides of the galaxy - one earthling, one extraterrestrial - who communicate and forge a strong friendship. Their interest in one another's planets becomes shadowed by a terrible force that puts them in danger, yet together they discover the true meaning of friendship. My Alien Penfriend is written in the unusual format of written letters between the two, with the occasional newspaper article from both worlds thrown in. A handful of black-and-white illustrations add their own touch of whimsy and wonder to this delightful story.”
- Midwest Book Review

“Author Faiz Kermani is a scientist by trade, and My Alien Penfriend is his first children’s book. A fan of Roald Dahl, George Orwell and John Steinbeck, his style certainly reflects a love for space and children. This illustrated children’s book is tidy package at 94 pages and retails for under $12 (US).

“My Alien Penfriend” is available on, Barnes and Noble and at other online stores around the galaxy. Visit the official website at and watch the promo at

Faiz Kermani
My Alien Penfriend