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Announcing New 64-Bit dtSearch® Developer Products (May 30th, 2008)

64-Bit Products Now Include the dtSearch Engine for Win & .NET, dtSearch Engine for Linux, and dtSearch Web with Spider

BETHESDA, MD (May 6th, 2008) dtSearch Corp., a leading supplier of enterprise and developer text retrieval software, today announced extensions to its 64-bit developer product line. The 64-bit developer products provide full API access to dtSearch’s terabyte indexing and search capabilities, including over two dozen search options. The developer products also provide 64-bit API access to dtSearch’s proprietary file format and database support, with hit highlighting in all supported file types, and WYSIWYG hit-highlighted display of popular web-ready formats. Additionally, the products offer 64-bit access to dtSearch’s remote data spidering, covering static and dynamically-generated data on public and secure sites, with the same hit-highlighted display capabilities.

Product line overview.
Terabyte indexer; file parser/converters. The new developer products, as well as all other dtSearch products, can index over a terabyte of text in a single index. They can also create and simultaneously search an unlimited number of indexes. Indexed search time is typically less than a second, even across terabytes of data.

Along with the terabyte indexer, all dtSearch products generally share the following feature set:
• Over two dozen indexed, unindexed, full-text and fielded data search options
• Display of web-ready content (HTML, PDF, XSL/XML, etc.) with highlighted hits and with all images, links and formatting intact
• Built-in HTML converters for hit-highlighted display of other popular file types (MS Office, OpenOffice, Vista XML Paper Specification (.xps), ZIP, etc.)
• Database search options, including support for SQL BLOB data (developer products only)
• Distributed or federated search options, with integrated display of local and remote content

Spider. The new product line also embeds the dtSearch Spider, providing support for:
• Public sites, secure content HTTPS, password-accessible sites, and forms-based authentication
• Searching of web-based content to any specified level of horizontal or vertical depth
• Searching of static content (HTML, PDF, XSL/XML, etc.) and dynamic content (ASP.NET, MS CMS, SharePoint, etc.) with highlighted hits and with all images, links and formatting intact
• Integrated relevancy-ranking of Spidered and non-Spidered content (all with highlighted hits)

Search options. Full-text and fielded data search options include: fuzziness adjustable from 0 to 10 (to sift through typographical and spelling errors), synonym/concept/thesaurus (through a built-in thesaurus and/or user-defined synonym rings), boolean (and/or/not), phrase, phonic, wildcard, bilateral proximity, directed proximity, stemming, natural language/vector-space relevancy ranking, variable term weighting, positional scoring, field-based relevancy ranking, data classification and filtering objects, numeric range searching, advanced date recognition, forensics search options and Unicode support for hundreds of international languages.

dtSearch Web with Spider. dtSearch Web with Spider quickly publishes a large volume of instantly searchable data to an Internet or Intranet site. The Spider (see features above) can index static and dynamic content on both internal and external web sites.

dtSearch Engine. The dtSearch Engine for Win & .NET and the dtSearch Engine for Linux enable developers to add dtSearch indexing and searching capabilities to their own applications using C++, Java, .NET, or COM. Sample applications now available in 64-bit include a database indexer using ADO.NET, a web spider application using the Spider API, and a new sample demonstrating OpenSearch integration.

Other dtSearch products. dtSearch Desktop with Spider instantly searches files on a PC. dtSearch Network with Spider searches across a network. Both instantly search and display, with highlighted hits, a wide variety of file types, including email messages along with the full text of email attachments. Through the Spider, both applications can also add web content to a local or network search. dtSearch Publish enables users to easily publish instantly searchable document collections or web site content to portable media (CDs, DVDs, external hard drives, etc.).

More information. For more information, or to download fully-functional evaluation versions of any product, please call 1-800-IT-FINDS (or 301/263-0731), email or visit
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About dtSearch,
The Smart Choice for Text Retrieval® since 1991, dtSearch offers 17 years of experience in text search. The dtSearch product line includes enterprise and developer text search products, meeting some of the largest-capacity text retrieval needs in the world. dtSearch products have received hundreds of excellent press reviews and case studies. (Please see for these.) The company has distributors worldwide, including coverage on six continents.

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