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Aussie invention breaks 'car washing drought' (May 29th, 2008)

The Freedom Wash allows car owners to hose-wash their vehicles again… without violating water restrictions.

The Freedom Wash allows car owners to hose-wash their vehicles again… without violating water restrictions.
Bondi, NSW, 7 May 2008 - Cleverlad Conservation created a splash today with the launch of its newest water-saving innovation, the Freedom Wash car cleaning system.

The Freedom Wash is a revolutionary water-saving product which solves the biggest dilemma currently faced by Australian car owners – washing the car without violating water restrictions.

The Freedom Wash is unique because it does NOT connect to the water mains supply. It contains a 16 litre internal reservoir and rechargeable pump which deliver a turbo-charged spray via the attached hose and wand. The ultra-efficient spray uses only 2.4 litres of water per minute which means a single fill of the reservoir is typically enough to wash a family sized vehicle or 4WD.

“The Freedom Wash makes it possible to wet, wash and rinse your vehicle with less than 25 litres of water…” boasts Cleverlad CEO Drew Keenan, “…that’s 30-50% less water than washing with a bucket alone or visiting a commercial car washing service” he said.

“Because the Freedom Wash does not attach to the water mains, it’s perfectly legal to use in areas where carwashing with a bucket is permitted” said Keenan. “But we recommend using tank-water where possible, and in areas such as Melbourne, Canberra and South East Queensland where car washing with even a bucket is banned” says Keenan.

“The Freedom Wash also saves money. These days, just two trips a month to the local car wash can add up to over $400 a year. The Freedom Wash eliminates this cost and lets you enjoy the satisfaction of washing your own car again” says Keenan.

The Freedom Wash was designed by serial Sydney inventor Joe Puskaric, winner of ABC Television’s New Inventors Award. Joe says his wife Carol inspired him to design the product…”I just couldn’t bear watching my wife lug bucket after bucket of heavy water from the tap to the I designed something that made her life easier and used a lot less water.

The Freedom Wash comes with a 12 month warranty and can be purchased online from for $159.00 including GST.
Product Specifications
Spray Pressure - Up to 820 kPA (120 psi)
Spray Patterns - Adjustable nozzle similar to garden hose spray (Mist to Stream setting)
Flow Rate - Max 2.4 Liters per minute
Battery - Up to 5 hours continuous operation., Up to 30 days on standby , 8-12 hour charge cycle time
Hose - 4 meters (unit to wand base)
Wand - 80cm - 150cm (extendable)
Charger - Charger with 1.5m cable
Unit Weight - proximately 5kg
Package Dimensions - 210mm X 520mm x 380m
Warranty - 12 Months

For more information please visit contact Drew Keenan on 02 8003 7444
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