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Bauu Press Begins New Publishing Venture with the Release of Indigenous Peoples Issues & Resources (May 25th, 2008)

Director of the Bauu Institute and Press, Dr. Peter N. Jones, celebrates the launch and publication of the Indigenous Peoples Issues & Resources databank and community resource.

An environmental, psychological, and social science research and publishing company located in Boulder, Colorado, the Bauu Institute and Press is a leader in providing articles, news, and information on indigenous peoples from around the world. The Indigenous Peoples Issues & Resources databank is the latest free, all access publication offered by the Institute.

On the occasion, Dr. Jones remarked, “Indigenous people today face more challenges than any previous generation. Large multi-national companies are extracting all types of natural resources from indigenous people’s traditional homelands. Ecotourism is having an adverse effect on traditional indigenous cultural values. The establishment of large preserves for wildlife management has caused detrimental impacts to traditional subsistence lifeways by indigenous peoples throughout the world. In order to help mitigate these ongoing and constant impacts, the Bauu Institute and Press decided to publish a community based resource focused on indigenous people’s issues and resources to help mitigate and empower indigenous peoples towards these.”

The “Indigenous Peoples Issues and Resources” site is a resource and information portal that acts as a form of social outreach for those who want to find out what is happening to the world’s indigenous peoples, as well as a means of providing information to the public about one of today’s central human rights issues.

The resource has already garnered a lot of attention and is a contributing organization for the Development Gateway Foundation. Shedding more light on the nature of the site, Dr. Jones said, “Although there are a number of sites that cover a particular topic or indigenous group, this site is the first to examine in detail one particular issue at a time while still taking a global perspective. A larger understanding is developed as to the problems facing indigenous peoples around the world.”

Peter Jones
Bauu Institute and Press