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CWD worldwide, LLC announces the launch of (March 29th, 2008)

CWD Worldwide, LLC has created this website to assist you with all of your gardening questions.

March 24, 2008:

"My life’s passion has involved working in the outdoors," said Charles Dudley, owner of CWD Worldwide. "All of the information, tips, expert advice and resources available on this new website are a culmination of my numerous years of experience working with plant life and species during my involvement with the U.S. Botanic Garden."

About CWD Worldwide and

CWD Worldwide was formed in late 2007 by owner Charles Dudley. Dudley is a former long-term employee of the U.S. Botanic Garden and an avid plant and wildlife specialist.

Gardening Wizard, created by Charles Dudley, of CWD Worldwide, and Gavin P. Smith of, seeks to bring information about gardening to one convenient location. The new website offers a unique home to important information and resources for the avid is the home of his years of expert knowledge. It also offers materials, resources, articles, products and more that are of interest to the avid gardener from novice to expert.
CWD Worldwide, LLC announces the launch of a new worldwide internet site on April 1, 2008.

Charles W. Dudley
CWD Worldwide, LLC