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Can Breast Cancer Be Conquered Without Toxic Drugs? (March 15th, 2008)

An Italian scientist says, YES, and proves it

There is a new website available for those who seek for the latest information on breast cancer treatment. It has been created recently by a well-known cancer support group, called Women for Breast Cancer Truth. The website focuses on the lectures, papers, and treatment protocols of Fabrizio Taliano MD, Ph.D., an Italian research scientist, oncologist and surgeon.

To say that Dr. Taliano's approach to the treatment of breast cancer is unorthodox, is an understatement. It would be more appropriate to call it a revolution in oncology, a complete rejection of the dogmas taught in medical schools since many decades. "Dr. Taliano is not just another dissenting voice," says Julia Dwyer Ph.D., director of Women for Breast Cancer Truth. "Before he publicly condemned the standard protocols, he has developed and practiced his own highly effective but entirely non-toxic treatments. This gave him a degree of credibility nobody else could claim before him."

Dr. Taliano discovered the nature of cancer, and used this knowledge to successfully target and eliminate cancer cells. His views and methods are gaining popularity among doctors and patients alike. His discoveries and his protocols are described on the WBCT website. It can be found at: .

For more information, contact Dr. Julia Dwyer at, or visit .

Julia Dwyer Ph.D.
Women for Breast Cancer Truth