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Wings Press, Inc. has published Fabulous Voyage across the Ocean Sea (ISBN 978-1597055765), by Jay Prasad, a novel based on the discovery of a fifteenth century Spanish manuscript giving a firsthand account of the Inquisition and the voyages of Columbus. Paperback and e-book editions are available at or can be ordered from

Paul Henry, judo expert, Yankee fan, and college dropout is a Catholic fundraiser. He accidentally discovers a manuscript in Barcelona while taking some of his wealthy clients on a tour of the Iberian Peninsula, on the 500th anniversary of Christopher Columbus’s voyage of discovery. Henry’s wife Lucia, a historian, tells her colleagues about the manuscript, with frightening consequences: Henry’s life is threatened, and his wife is kidnapped and tortured by unknown assailants. Henry finally locates Lucia’s whereabouts and finds that the man behind this evil action is his employer Denis Donahue, a fanatical Catholic - one of the richest and most ambitious men in the country - who has set up, in several states, college towns offering a Catholic way of life. Donahue and his rightwing alliance, intent on bringing back traditional morality to the USA, are engaged in a struggle to restore Catholic values, which, they think, have been destroyed after the Vatican Reforms introduced in the sixties. Donahue also wants Columbus and Isabella – both of whom he regards as perfect Catholics – to be raised to sainthood by the Vatican, and, thinking that the publication of the manuscript would work against his plan, he gives orders to have it seized and destroyed.

The novel reproduces, in its entirety, the discovered manuscript - a tale of three generations of D’avilas, a family of conversos in Spain who were fleeing the atrocities of the Spanish Inquisition, took part in Columbus’s voyages, and were eyewitnesses to the enslavement and genocide of the native population.



Jay Prasad is a playwright and novelist living in New York City. His next play “OREGON” is scheduled for production in September 2010 by the Variations Theatre Group, New York.


Jay Prasad