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Donít want a college credit card (June 22nd, 2008)

You must get a credit card for students as they have some special features which is specially designed for students. It may have features such as no interest for the first year and many more. These are all business tricks. Students must understand this and apply an appropriate card. We have user friendly data base of reviews and articles that will be useful in finding out the right decision while finding your way for a helpful, useful, good credit card.

T2 Web Network, LLC, 22 June 2008 ( Eboomwebsolutions ) This site is specially meant for the younger generation who are likely to be in the misleading world of college credit card. The major purpose this site is to provide the top college credit cards information on rate, fee and also the information you need to know while getting a students credit card. The work of credit card is to credit you a loan by the company for a period of time. For this you should have definitely known student credit card’s functions and also very importantly the limitations.

First and fore most you must know what type of credit card for students, you are having and also must determine its credit limit. For you the youth it is always better to have a student credit card or college credit card. Find credit card for student that you want to apply, for you are going to have to be accepted from the credit card for student’s company itself. This is the toughest part as it is based on your previous credit, debt to income ratio and other factors. The debt includes car loan, student loan and all credit bills. So you must be very careful over these factors and see to that you always satisfy their expectation.

Once if your application for the card has been accepted, you will receive it with certain credit amount. But the company will decide how much you can carry on it. This particular amount that they decide to credit to you is called credit limit. Since you are unaware of this, let’s see what student’s credit card company is look for in deciding the credit limit. This number may vary according to your usage. It may lower or increase depending how you use your credit card. The issue of  student credit card is also based on monthly income. If you pay your credit on time the credit limit will increase or if you fail to do so the credit limit will decrease.

The  college credit card company will note on how much you earn to decide what limit is right for you. The amount of current debt also affects this. Less debt you have higher your credit limit will be. If the high debt is high the company hesitates and allot you low credit limit. They check the length of your residency period. They expect you stay in a place for at least a year. They also check the number of other credit card you own. The higher it is lower you credit limit is.
Next if we come to the problems faced, there are a lot of tricks in which students easily get trapped in this credit card for students. Let’s see the problems and also their solutions. It is very dangerous if you are the first time user and don’t know to use credit cards. It is essential to know its functions and you can avoid the possible situations in which you easily get trouble. Spending over head is a major problem. You must be aware of how much you spend every time. Write down on a piece of paper or a system or check you credit card account after every purchase and make sure that you can pay it within the given time. If you pay on time you can avoid interest charges.

T2 Web Network, LLC If you are not going to pay your full amount within the allotted time you are likely to be charged with more interest. Make sure you pay off your bill full. If you forget this then you will soon find that your amount of debt gets bigger and bigger. Usually people think that “we shall pay the next time” and repeat the same the next time also. This at last will take you to a bad condition. Because of this your cc score goes down and you are lightly in the risk of not getting any of your loan sanctioned. You must always think of improving your credit rather than reducing it.

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