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Dupliate Poker Launches New Poker Section On Poker Tips (May 28th, 2008)

More good news for poker players with a novel section dedicated to tips on the game courtesy of Duplicate Poker

Duplicate Poker( is the new picture of online poker gaming with a friendly face that is rapidly gaining the attention of people all over the world.

Duplicate Poker which was recently launched in the last quarter of 2007 was created with an intelligent edge with an innovative touch that makes this type of poker game the only legal one online.

Since then, the creativity attached to this particular type of poker game has drawn a lot of people to Duplicate Poker in a way no-one ever thought; seeing that it brings out the best in the game.

Now, the latest from the Press Room of Duplicate Poker reports that the site has launched a novel section reserved specially for useful poker tips. For the benefit of the beginner and even the experienced player, this new section is expected to help every player boost their poker performance.

“Duplicate Poker thought it wise to come up with the tips section partly as a contribution to all poker players and also based on feedback from its growing membership,” says Garry Alone who helped to put up the site’s section.

Although far from being the rules of duplicate poker gaming, the tips on this page are simply meant to boost the player’s strategies and overall style of play. The hints are given on a regular basis to be used to a player’s advantage and are meant to be practically applicable during the course of a game.

Garry adds that “these little tips have proven to be of immense help to many poker winners especially when faced with crucial decisions during a game. It’s therefore not surprising that a good number of our members have been looking forward to this section.”

Duplicate Poker believes learning through knowledge is more preferable than learning by experience meaning that a poker player does not have to make costly mistakes to learn the hard way. That’s why so many tips are laid out in this section for free knowledge.

So for every poker player out there, the collection of poker tips is all yours on Duplicate Poker’s Tips Section. In addition, the site is open to more tips and ideas from players and even online visitors as well.

What’s more? Reviews are currently being courted from everyone who has a thing for the game and $20 free bonus credits are offered for every reviewer.

These and more only prove that all poker players are welcome to be part of the wonderful experience offered by Duplicate Poker.

Garry Alone
Duplicate Poker