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EduXcel Providing Online Tuition & Homework Help From India To American Students (January 16th, 2008)

EduXcel Providing Online Tuition & Homework Help From India To American Students.

The next great leap in the evolution of education has emerged - Personal Online Education via Internet. Internet allows students and tutors to interact via voice, chat, e-mail, and discussion board, providing them quality education at a reasonable price at their doorstep.

Over the last few months EduXcel ( has build-up significant interest in the electronic tutoring. The company has established and providing the online solutions to students who are looking for quality education at their doorstep and at any time of day.

EduXcel believes it can distinguish itself because it's solution address the three main elements of tutoring: personalization, knowledge, and student development, thus providing these benefits :

  • Students can have real time interaction with tutors at specified irrespective of their geographical location.
  • Homework and e-mail discussion board are key element in the student tutor interaction
  • Quality personalized content and questions, prepares students for entrance exams. The contents developed are targeting the areas where students need most help.
  • At home eTutoring reduces the transit time losses and improves the time efficiency

EduXcel has a proprietary technology, and personalized course contents out perform significantly all competing products. EduXcel plans to provide a personalized course contents as per students need that benefits student in creating strong basic foundation that will help them in SAT exams.

EduXcel is breaking new ground with its proprietary software and quality tutors that revolutionizes the education delivery method and prepare student for exams and higher studies. The company offers powerful and reliable software that provides chat and voice chat, student's need driven content, discussion board, questions, 24x7 availability of tutor on e-mail.





The mission of EduXcel is to be the students preferred, loyal, quality provider of private e-tuition