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Enjoy the shower with some more items (June 20th, 2008)

Dreaming of a luxurious bathroom, in a limited budget? Then you would have definitely thought of Bella. Yes you have landed up in the right place. We have enormous items to make your bathroom a dream world. We look forward to start our day there. So donít we want it to be more stylish and luxurious?

Bella Bathrooms Ltd, 19 June 2008 ( Eboomwebsolutions  ) Owning a house is a very essential during these days in this fast moving world. Think that you get your dream house in your reality. Isn’t it interesting? Yes here it is. To make it more interesting, here is our web site to provide you various items that makes your bathroom, a place where you look forward to starting your day, a wonder land! In that day that is in olden days, having a bathroom it was fashionable. In the following generation, though it had bathrooms, it consisted of a sink, a toilet, a bath and a mirror.

Then in this generation? Yeah you are right. Its all only creativity.  With a little imagination, creativity, knowledge and by adding a few touches of luxury, the bathroom can be transformed into a beautiful refreshing oasis. So whether you want to enhance your existing bathroom with a few modern touches or want a completely new bathroom, you have reached the right place for it. Here we provide an enormous variety of items which includes many things right from rails, taps, showers, shower trays, shower cubicles, shower enclosures, types of showers, baths, basins, suites, cabinet, accessories, bathroom furniture, and even shower pumps too to make your bathroom more beautiful and more luxurious.

Shower enclosures are also known as shower doors. It was believed that you must be so rich and famous to have a shower enclosure. But it is not so now. The dreams of having a shower enclosure are now a reality.  Here we stock a large range of shower enclosures, shower doors and side panels including shower quadrants, offset quadrants to walk in shower enclosures. We provide a large variety of this product in diff colors, different designs, different dimensions, different quality, and different models and also of different materials to suit your bathroom colour and style.

That is it may be made up of a clean transparent glass or a tempered glass shower enclosure. We also provide you shower enclosures with different and also unique features such as computer controller with remote control, some with steam generator and with aluminum frames. Some shower enclosures have sliding doors or bifold doors. There are simple shower rooms, completed shower rooms and also steam shower rooms. So whatever may be your size and colour and shape of your bathroom may be. We have an extent variety of shower enclosure that satisfies each one’s dream.

As a way to enhance the uniqueness of shower enclosure we provide shower cubicles.  It is creating beautiful custom-designed sandblasted, carved glass for shower enclosures. The shower cubicle itself can be any number of different sizes, model, and design. Shower cubicle not only adds beauty or royalty to enclosures, but also act as a translucent material which prevents us from being completely exposed.

Bella Bathrooms Ltd In addition to all these you also need shower trays to have a complete finished look for your shower room. Shower trays are of different shapes, different colour and of various sizes, that fits your shower room. Trays have hole in it with a filter, for draining only the water. Square shower trays, rectangle shower trays, quadrant shower trays, offset quadrant shower trays, and also Mira shower trays are also available. Circular are also available, if you have a circular shower enclosure.

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