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Evalueserve makes strides in Chemical Structure searching (May 20th, 2008)

Complex patent documents describing millions of chemical structures are a curse for most patent counsels and in-house attorneys in the chemistry and life sciences domains. The large amount of chemical literature dating from the early 1900s makes searching difficult. Multiple databases which have undergone numerous modifications and have different indexing policies, further complicate effective searching.

“Searching for chemical patent information is a process which we have continuously improved over numerous client engagements with codified learning and best research practices that match up to industry standards worldwide. Our dedicated team of chemistry professionals has a wide variety of domain expertise ranging from Polymer, Material, and Organic to Biochemistry. This breadth of expertise, coupled with the strong legacy of quality assurance, has helped us complete over 30 client engagements with one European pharmaceutical firm alone”, says Dr. Priyal Bisht, a Group Manager in the Intellectual Property (IP) division of Evalueserve, India.

All members of Evalueserve’s IP chemistry team are trained on leading-edge industry standard databases such as the CAS Registry, Chemical Abstracts, MARPAT, Derwent World Patent Index, and Merged Markush Service. This training, coupled with regular sessions to upgrade skills on Markush claim interpretation and searching, enables the chemistry team to effectively handle complex requests from a diverse client base.

Evalueserve was the pioneer in Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO), coined the term KPO, and started offering chemistry-related patent research services in October 2006. Its IP chemistry team has 20 professionals and collaborates with more than 250 professionals in the company's main operation center in India.


About Evalueserve
Evalueserve provides custom research and analytics services to companies worldwide including Business Research, Market Research, Data & Financial Analytics, Investment Research, Intellectual Property and Legal Process Services, and access to a global network of domain experts through Evalueserve Circle of Experts. The firm was founded by IBM and McKinsey alumni, and has completed over 12,000 client engagements. The firm currently has over 2,100 professionals located in research centers in China, India, Chile and New York. Evalueserve’s ‘in-country’ Client Executives are located in most major business and financial centers globally – from Silicon Valley to Sydney.

Priyal Bisht