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Find Answers to Disturbing Questions Using One Cool Utility (June 09th, 2008)

Benutec Software, Inc. announces the release of version 2.1 of System Keylogger, a popular surveillance tool recognized as number one on the Web. It will let you know in every detail “when” and “what” was happening with your PC when you were not around.

Your child browses the Web for hours? Your spouse doesn’t let you come close to the computer while chatting? Your employee is far from being productive? What’s exactly going on? - Wouldn’t it be great, if you were completely aware of all these things? At least, when it comes to computer monitoring there exists a reliable solution that will secretly provide you with the detailed information on all actions that take place in your PC. This solution is System Keylogger. It logs keystrokes, chat conversations, applications, windows, websites, passwords, emails and can take screenshots at a given period of time. System Keylogger is the ultimate surveillance tool. It is invisible, informative and impeccable.

System Keylogger can be used for monitoring PCs at home and in the office. At home, you can look after your child. You’ll see what resources he’s visiting and notice if he spends time in suspicious chats or forums. You’ll know before it’s too late if he gets an invitation from an unfamiliar person asking for a meeting without your consent.

The program can help you to save your marriage. If your spouse acts suspiciously and it looks like he’s having an affair online, you can use the spyware to log his emails and chats. This’ll enable you to act beforehand and help to make things right.

Another good point of using System Keylogger is that it can raise efficiency of your office employees. Use the program to log what applications they are running, what websites they are visiting and make screenshots to see how they spend time in front of PC. It’s also possible to turn on the splash screen that will inform them about logging.

You can use System Keylogger absolutely without a risk of being exposed. While the program is active, it’s almost impossible for an unauthorized person to notice, deactivate or terminate it. The advanced stealth engine will hide it from System Tray and Task Manager. It’s also important that when it comes to viewing the collected data, System Keylogger is at its best, delivering all logs through a friendly interface. Moreover, you can even make System Keylogger send Activity Logs via E-mail or FTP to monitor your PC remotely.

With System Keylogger, you can be sure that everything is OK, both in your family and at work. It’ll let you notice the upcoming problem in advance, so you’ll be able to deal with it promptly. Whether you want to keep an eye on your child, spouse, employee or anyone else who uses your PC, System Keylogger will be the optimal solution. Being aware is being secured. Visit to get a trial and see the program in action.


Please, let us know if you have any questions or would like any additional information on System Keylogger. Contact Michael Berdnikov at for more information. A free registration key is available upon request to all editors considering a review.

Mark Burgett
System Keylogger