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First Real Innovation for Cleaning Restaurant Kitchens in 100 Years! (June 20th, 2008)

Revolutionary restaurant cleaning device saves time and money

CHINO, California, ( Eboomwebsolutions ) – June 11, 2008--  Believe it or not, restaurants have essentially been cleaning their kitchens the same way for the last 100 years. Fortunately for the industry, a new method can not only save time and money; but is eco-friendly, pollution free, does not use chemicals, and will eliminate fines and closures by exceeding bacteria cleanliness testing standards.

Thousands of restaurants, bakeries, cafes, breweries, and even a food processing plant the size of Taylor Farms, which produces all the vegetables for McDonald’s worldwide, have thrown away their mops, scrub-brushes, and harmful chemical cleaning solutions in favor of SteamTech Industrial Steam Cleaners.

As ownership and management of these establishments sleep better before FDA inspections knowing their SteamTech Cleaner has eliminated Listeria and all other harmful bacteria through improved levels of sanitation, they also enjoy greater bottom line numbers through reduction in cleaning crew payrolls.

On average, reports from <a href=>kitchen</a> management indicate one employee armed with a SteamTech Steam Cleaner can degrease and sanitize an entire <a href=>restaurant</a> kitchen and its contents in far less time than a normal crew typically staffed for that size space, with better results and less instances of slip and fall accidents.

I am proud to report not only the first real improvement in restaurant and food processing sanitation for over a century, but of equal importance, the fact that it is a machine that will both pay for itself quickly, and continue to save tremendous amounts of money year after year for the life of the machine.

For more information about SteamTech Steam Cleaners and the myriad of testimonials on the product and company’s behalf, visit <a href=></a>, or contact the main offices at 877-726-4832.


Dave Paton President
SteamTech Corporation
3990 Riverside Dr. Chino, CA 91710


Dave Paton