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Forbidden Sessions by Penelope Brown is an Exhilarating Collection of Sexual Encounters, a MUST READ! (February 11th, 2010)

“Forbidden Sessions is ready for release. It is one book that will take you through a roller-coaster”

February 11, 2010 - Penelope Brown introduces a series of extraordinary sexual encounters titled “Forbidden Sessions” that can make hearts melt. It is one of the few sexual encounter series that seems to have added potential over others. Written in a narrative style, Forbidden Sessions is an exciting and equally enthralling sexual adventure that has been categorized into a few groups narrating different stories with the same characters playing various roles.

What happens when people of different mentality but with same desires meet is the basis of the different short stories narrated in this book. A collection of 17 episodes altogether, each story is named to suit the substance and the text that emphasizes on the sexual ties between man and woman and their needs and fantasies. The book speaks about different aspects of sexual behaviors that seem to be very well illustrated.

From the time the couple meets and till the time they release themselves, the stories can keep you gasping and breathless. The emotions are well explained and the author takes the pleasure in giving her readers a real taste of sexual fantasies and wildest imaginations.

The stories are short and simple, yet they have a flavor that seems to linger on the mind of the reader, as it did to me. The picturesque narration, the characters and their minds, the love and passion between them and their way of fulfilling each others desire is a true reflection of what common man and woman try to hide.

What happens when a man meets a woman and how the encounter gradually proceeds to become more than just a formal meeting. Here the characters play a role, which is the name of the story. The Director, The Pawn, My Best Friend and other such names given to the 17 different episodes included in Forbidden Session illustrates the meeting of the characters, their hidden desires, their wild sexual drive and their way of conveying the same. Also, how men and women strive to satisfy their needs and that of their partners is very clearly stated.

The two characters, their sexual desires and encounters, the way they thrived for pleasure and the way they earned it is the primary basis of the story. It is one long story with different angles that has been presented in an extraordinary technique. The story begins with happens in present and goes back to the days when the characters met, how they met, how they developed a liking for each other and how they lusted to have one anther in bed and enjoy every night, fulfilling their dreams and imaginations. Satisfaction is something that they supposedly “earn” and not “achieve”. Their different ways of earning satisfaction all through the book is wild, emotional, dramatic, and sadistic and fun as well.

Overall, it is a great presentation that by Penelope Brown that would prove to be a great delight for readers worldwide.

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About Penelope Brown – A renowned author who delivers sensations books every time. Penelope resides in California, USA. Her books are available to purchase online and in hard copy via amazon.

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