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Garlic The Immune System Booster (February 02nd, 2012)

Garlic The Immune System Booster

For some garlic is nothing  but a stinker that leaves your mouth unopened until the smell vanishes.

In reality garlic is one of nature’s super power immune system booster.

It has the power of cleansing and reinvigorating  your body.

It gets rid of the toxins and restores your health.

It gets rid of your asthma and allows you to breath again with full lungs.

It gets rid of earaches.

All of this and much more!!!!

Here is a secret that I’m going to reveal:

Grab a garlic clove presser and place a garlic clove inside it. Press hard and there you go -  you got it crushed.

Now grab a spoon and place it inside the spoon.

Wait… We are almost there…

Go to the fridge and get your favorite yogurt and cover the crushed garlic with it and last but not least… drive the spoon to your mouth and … zap… swallow it without touching the walls of your mouth to avoid the stinging and of course the smell  that may cause.

Now the hardest part:  Do this everyday for the rest of your life

…and you will never regret when you’ve gotten there!

We do this everyday after dinner. It became part of the routine now.

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