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Habanero Rub (February 02nd, 2012)

Strain or Sprain Rub with Habanero peppers

This is a good one I came up with by accident. Well… I did get injured when trimming the hedge on my yard (too much over-stretching with the shears) and at the end of the job the muscles on my right arm and shoulder were strained and I was in pain.

For more than one year I did bear the pain without complaining much. But then one night I woke up in pain and couldn’t get back asleep. The thing went like this for a few nights so I decided to get a second opinion from my doctor – well I did know what it was but I needed confirmation  – I just needed the diagnosis so I could start my search for the treatment rather than opt for physiotherapy, cortisone shots or surgery.

So here I came up with this crazy idea after my wife mentioned to me that the habanero sauce she was making for one of her delicious raw food dishes was burning hot in her hands.

So I grabbed Coconut oil, Tea tree oil, Oregano oil, Habanero oil (habanero blended with olive oil)   and Lavender essential oil and BAM… put everything together inside the blender and mixed it well.

Next I poured the mixture inside a container and gave my arm and shoulder a good rub with the blend. For my amazement I slept very well that night and thereafter.  Next day I applied another rub – and I still do it twice a day, one before bedtime and the other in the morning after getting up and this thing really works  -  it’s been two weeks now by the way I’m feeling much better with very little pain just when I do strain my arm lifting heavy stuff but I’m keeping this treatment and giving my arm and shoulder some rest until I’m completely well – I believe I need to do this for a longer period of time until my arm and shoulder recover from the strain injury and hopefully I don’t need any medical attention.

To note this oil mix is the same mix I use as my aftershave with the only difference being the addition to the mix Habanero Oil and Tea Tree Oil.

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