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Hiker Crosses the Weminuche Wilderness Area Solo (May 16th, 2008)

Backpacker William Hood published a new book about his adventure solo hiking across the Weminuche Wilderness Area in the San Juan Mountains of southern Colorado.

How would you react if you lost your job? Immerse yourself in alcohol and self-pity or hike alone across a vast wilderness? William Hood chose the latter, embarking on a solo journey across one of the largest roadless areas in the Rocky Mountains – the Weminuche Wilderness in southern Colorado. Searching for a Perfect State of Colorado (Bauu Press, 2008) describes that journey.

Above 13,000 feet, Hood faced blizzards, howling wind, and extreme temperatures; in the alpine valleys he struggled with the torrential rains and intense solitude. With a sense of humor and a love of adventure, however, he persevered.

Hood’s vivid descriptions include scenes of incredible beauty and joyous solitude, reasons he states, that make the process of hiking through some of the most difficult and isolated mountains in the nation so special. With an innate sense of curiosity and adventure he followed mountain ridges and animal trails, opting to expand his odyssey into a journey of self discovery instead of a rushed excursion from peak to peak.

In Searching for a Perfect State of Colorado adventuring narratives are interspersed with lively descriptions of the history and culture of Colorado – from the early Native American peoples that lived in the Colorado mountains, to descriptions of how miners discovered some of the richest gold veins known at the time, to the modern state of family society and Colorado’s economic future.

The solo journey varied greatly in difficulty, but Hood continued to the end as he transcended his own demons and came to have a more self-empowering and positive outlook on life. Each step of the journey was special, often reflecting the wild nature of the land itself. Hood eloquently describes these places and the folks he met, capturing the unique charm of every highpoint.

William Hood is an avid mountain hiker and backpacker whose love of adventure, sensitivity to nature joy in exploring remote areas are shared through his writing.

Searching for a Perfect State of Colorado (ISBN: 978-0-9721349-7-2) is available in quality bookstores, or online through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and others.

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