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Holiday Stress Relief Tips for Alzheimer/Dementia Caregivers (December 10th, 2009)

The Holiday Season can be busy, chaotic, and stressful under normal circumstances, but caregivers of family members suffering from dementia are often overwhelmed with the burdens of caregiving AND trying to maintain holiday traditions.

Joan Gershman, the creator of the Alzheimer Spouse website,, is presenting a special Holiday Caregiver Tip Series on surviving the holidays with an Alzheimer spouse or loved one.
Log onto, and read the Holiday Caregiver Stress Reliever Series, where you will learn about:
Assessing a loved one’s level of functioning before making any plans
How to plan ahead to reduce stress for both caregiver and loved one
Alzheimer proofing the home
Appropriate gifts for a caregiver and loved one with Alzheimer’s Disease – skip the fruit cake- read about the practical “service” gifts that caregivers will rejoice in receiving.
Easing the emotional stress when a spouse or loved one is in a nursing home
Relieve stress by shopping online, where there is no need find respite care, parking spaces, or fight the crowds– Shop the custom designed novelty items at JOAN’S MARKETPLACE –* - and aid Alzheimer’s Research at the same time. A portion of the proceeds of sales will be donated to the 2010 Alzheimer’s Memory Walk.
Log onto and get acquainted with all of the special features, including DAILY BLOGS chronicling challenges and struggles of coping with caring for an AD spouse; MESSAGE BOARDS filled with spouses who understand each others emotions as no one else can, offering support and information to one another, and sections for The Newly Diagnosed; News Articles and Videos; Early Onset Alzheimer's Disease - A Practical Guide; Memory Techniques and Communication Strategies; Finding a Memory Disorders Clinic; Finding Alzheimer's Disease Clinical Trials; Financial Information, Caregiver Stress Management Cruises; Tips for Male Caregivers, and much, much more.  
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