Advertise Here Demo attracting new Customers (June 17th, 2008)

The demo gives agents the chance to see how the lead buying system works, as well as the benefits that it offers.

North Hollywood, CA ( Eboomwebsolutions ) June 11, 2008 -- offers a live demo to insurance agents who are interested in purchasing online insurance leads. Through the use of this demo, agents have the ability to see how the lead buying system works while also learning about the benefits of relying on the internet.
Cindy Proleti, a Colorado insurance agent, was unsure of  before watching the demo. “The demo showed me what the service has to offer, while also clearing any doubt in my mind,” she said. “After watching the demo, I was more aware of how the industry was changing, and the role that the internet plays in this movement.”
More and more agents are joining after watching the demo video. With the ability to purchase leads only after previewing them, agents are finding that they have nothing to lose by becoming a member.
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Maksym Holovchenko