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Mcleod Files For Divorce (May 22nd, 2007)

Alfred Mcleod Filed for Divorce in 2006. At the Kenora Court House.

Alfred Mcleod Filed for Divorce in 2006.  At the Kenora Court House.  "Mcleod Say`s, "I just got Divorced 3 Months from today."  "Today being May, 22, 2007, `Mcleod Remains single, adding, He is enjoying his single status."
"Alfred Mcleod, Married through 96-2006 reflected thoughts on his Marriage.  Being Married was great, remembering doing this the first time in my life was exciting.  We did this at the spure of the moment.  `both us, driving from Winnipeg, Manitoba, looking at each other, with a moment of silence, of Course."  "Decided to turn back after I had asked her." "Lets get Married." 
"We then had a discourse turning back to Winnipeg, Manitoba, finding a chaple on Pembina Highway.  `I was wearing a wine colored blazer, dress pants, with curious ambitions, we both were pretty young."  "We headed back to Shoal Lake, and my Mom had this look on her face, asking, "Where did you go?."  "I cracked a smile, and laughed, why you asking me where i went."  "I had a smile right to the ears, man, `she knew it right away, `could`nt hide anything from mom, man." 
"Mcleod Add`s, "Now that we are Divorced, we still are friends." "On Music grounds, "Mcleod has been keeping up with his vocals and proceeds to increase performances, in Thunder Bay.  Mcleod say`s, "Karaoke Nights are becoming a big thing nowaday`s, `I enjoy doing this, along with meeting new people." 

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