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Mcleod Makes (May 26th, 2007)

Mcleod amoung other Artists sign in to, although the special thing about the science rocker is inevitable steps toward success.

Friday, 25, 2007 Mcleod Signed into where Zonalithy is currently available.  The Rocker has Sized up his Marketing inventory and Gathered Mp3`s together.  McLeod has also made his Music available on other Web Sites, Namely, `Artistopia, Indie Band, Alder Pro community, My Space, Sound Click,, CBC Radio 3, New Artist, e-snips Search, Rock Music by Independent Artists,  The list keeps on trailing, adding on Blogs, updated News, and an Interview listed on, Whereas, McLeod describes his music and take on, `who influenced his Music. `Turning points about reflecting on his tenor with Bill Wallace (Bass Player for the Guess Who) 
Mr. McLeod say’s, “It’s great having the Mp3`s on  The Sound is Clear Strong, Fresh, vibrant, and rocking.” “Song Forever was the first song I had uploaded, it took about a day, `afterwards the material was confirmed meaning I was able to edit more and upload more songs.” McLeod added, “There will be more songs uploaded at a later date.”

Alfred Mcleod