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“Millennium Plus” brings GPS with GSM Microburst Technology to a new level (May 27th, 2008)

New “Millennium Plus” announces the GPS that will track your vehicle anytime, streaming online with the capability up to the second satellite photo.

Tempe, AZ ( Eboomwebsolutions ) - May 27, 2008 - Phoenix based company utilizes Mobile technology with programmable convenience.  “Millennium Plus” Announces their breakthrough GPS system with patented satellite capabilities.  An ingenious way of keeping track of your vehicle(s) when need be. 
“In a day when gas prices are at their highest it’s a great way to keep track of spending and monitor vehicle performance and use.  The programmable features are an added benefit to vehicle safeguarding and infractions,” says President Gary Afonin.
“Millennium Plus” provides solutions for business and personal benefits, with added programming convenience.  At your discretion, multiple features via computer, telephone or pager will report deviations back to you, keeping you informed at all times.  Running a fleet just got easier.
“Our first month after installing “Millennium Plus” in our company vehicles, we were able to track vehicles paths and noticed employees deviating from their preplanned routes resulting in hundreds of dollars in gas savings. In a day and age when gas prices are at their highest you cannot afford NOT to invest in “Millennium Plus”, says one satisfied client.
In addition, with “Millennium Plus’” patented GSM Microburst Technology you can even print an up to the second Satellite Photo of your vehicle at any given time 24/7.  Now you can be “The eye in the sky”.
As an industry based leader, “Millennium Plus” is leading the way by the private sector, auto dealers, construction companies and other independent and corporate business owners. The Millennium Plus unit is accessible in most areas where standard cellular telephone service is available, including 98% of The United States, Canada, and Mexico.
Small and discrete, with applications so broad and dynamic, nearly everyone could benefit with “Millennium Plus”, from auto enthusiasts, anti-theft protection, couriers, auto rental and municipal managers, waste removal engineers, adult children of aging parents, law enforcement, tow company managers, postal workers, EMT’s, and park rangers.  To anyone who wishes to ensure the safety and well being of drivers, vehicles and their cargoes “Millennium Plus” is the way to go. powered by “Millennium Plus” a mobile tracking device utilizing GSM Microburst Technology, reporting to you a variety of features and functions.  Secured stealthily in your vehicle it enables you to monitor and control many vehicle features at your command, right to your cell phone or computer.  Keeping you connected.
To learn more about services and features or “Test-Drive Millennium Plus” visit for more information. 
Contact Information:
Millennium Plus, LLC
2741 W Southern, Suite 6
Tempe AZ 85282
Sales: 866.213.5138
Support: 888.607.7685

Gary Afonin
Millennium Plus, LLC