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More Reasons to Buy Diesel Engines from RJ Performance (February 11th, 2010)

RJ Performance Calgary, Alberta- Canada, the undisputed leader of diesel engines and components market of North America is now all set to bring new sensation with its new business plans.

As was expected after the recent clientele meet at its corporate office in Calgary, Alberta- Canada, RJ Performance, the undisputed leader of diesel engines and components market of North America is now all set to bring new sensation with its new business plans. A reliable source revealed that like the previous ones, this brand new business plan is client oriented too; but the difference is that it offers a lot more benefits to clients that they even cannot dream. After going through a recent press notification that appeared on Usprwire ( and other media sources, existing as well as potential diesel engines and spare parts buyers, were waiting anxiously for the new announcement. As expected, making the critics spellbound, Marketing Director of RJ Performance unveiled the new business plan during a press conference on 6 Feb.

The new business plan of RJ Performance specifies the major changes in the existing service model. Now, the customers will get more value-added services at their end; it means they are going to save big on transportation and other related costs. By expanding the service department, service-response period will be reduced considerably. The company will soon appoint local representatives in high client-density areas. Technical head of RJ Performance said, “This is the most advanced client-end service plan. The time parameters for every task are set after studying the existing service plans of others. If because of any valid reason, the set standards are not matched, end-users will be compensated.”    

The new business plan of RJ Performance Calgary also makes significant reduction in delivery period and charges. The company has already invested a huge sum and increased the stock significantly to ensure the delivery of most of the models within the shortest period. Regarding this aspect, Customer Relation Manager at RJ Performance said, “Now, even the most demanded diesel engine model will be available almost instantly. We have restructured our supply-chain model completely and the financial benefit will be passed to our customers. In turn, we will get the benefit of repeat or referred business.”   

When the new business plan of RJ Performance is delivering so much on all the fronts to the clients, how the prices could have been left untouched. The Marketing Manger of RJ Performance said, “Though our prices have always been the challenge for others to compete but still we made significant reductions in the prices of even the hottest diesel engine models of Ford, General Motor and Cummins. The bulk buying and optimization of operating practices by deploying best business practices has made it possible for us.”

RJ Performance
RJ Performance Calgary, Alberta, Canada