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New York Times Hails Five Boro As The Number One Choice For Mold Prevention & Remediation! (February 11th, 2010)

New York Times Hails Five Boro As The Number One Choice For Mold Prevention & Remediation!

USA, February 2010 – After almost ten years of bringing service to the New York state area, New York Times recently gave recognition to Five Boro for being the number one choice of New Yorkers. This is not only due to their fast turnaround time, but moreover for their team of experts who are always more than willing to handle any big or small molds removal project.


With molds being the number one worst enemy of any house owner, the <a href="">Five Boros Mold Removal</a> remains to be their number one choice of eradication service. Compared to other <a href="">New York Mold Removal</a> companies in the area, they make it to the point that they perform their services to the utmost.


Although there are many other competitors in the field, they remain to be in the lead with the following reasons given out by some of their most valued customers:


- They send their most skilled workers to do the job. At most, they send two people for inspection before the bigger number of workers would come to the picture.

- They see to it that they follow the proper removal step for the molds. They use a complete set of techniques to do the eradication in the most effective manner possible.

-They utilize infrared cameras to capture even the most invisible of stains brought about by the presence of molds.

- They offer a mold removal service guarantee.

- Their mold analysis and reports are accepted by any major insurance companies.


<a href="">Five Boros Mold Removal</a> focuses not only in implementing ways to prevent this moisture from happening by controlling the quantity and quality of the air; but also in completely eradicating the existence of molds. They always see to it that they leave the customers extremely satisfied.


Unlike other average <a href="">New York Mold Removal</a> companies, Five Boros is committed to rendering the highest quality of safe air for some time in the industry now. According to them, they are offering the free quotations service as a sign of gratitude to their valued customers who have supported their business for a long time now. And this goes the same for their future customers as well.


Their high quality service includes thorough inspection, computation of laboratory cost and they use advanced and modern equipment such as infrared cameras to detect even the tiniest molds present. Their offering of the free quotes include the inspections and the remediation. They work hand in hand together with their team of experts and they are known for giving the most exact amount of mold count in each particular area assigned to them. Their aim is to make sure that they leave their work at its best by keeping the environment assigned to them to be mold free.


So take advantage of the amazing and affordable service of Five Boro by checking out their site at now! Five Boro Mold Specialist has been known experts in the industry for more than ten years now towards the eradication of molds and mildews. You can contact them between 9am to 5pm and they render a 24 hour emergency service.


April Simon
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