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New book blends new science and New Age into new models for new thought. (March 06th, 2008)

New book, "The Sage Age" demystifies the jargon and harmonizes the concepts toward a wholistic understanding.

(Nashville, TN) March 6, 2008 – Ever wonder what the phrase “quantum leap” really means? What is the difference between the scientific definition of the word “dimension” and the metaphysical interpretation? Why is there a connection between quantum physics and mysticism? These are the very questions author MaAnna Stephenson began to ask early on as a seeker and student of New Age thought.

Over two decades ago, MaAnna (pronounced May Anna, like JoAnna) became intrigued with the philosophy of new science and how it mirrored ancient mystical teachings. The term “new science” refers to all science that has been directly impacted by the advent of quantum physics. The historical development of quantum physics shows that the founders of this new science were so awestruck by the implications of their mind-boggling discoveries that they turned to the only written sources which could give them any perspective. These writings were the ancient mystical texts of every time-honored religion and belief system.

Over the last half century, an increasing number of books and articles have surfaced in an attempt to clarify the connection between the philosophy of new science and ancient mysticism in a way that is accessible to the lay person. However, what MaAnna found was that many of these writings included terminology which had come into common use but were rarely explained or defined clearly.

For example, most everyone is familiar with the word “quantum” but few people can state what a quantum is. Similarly, most everyone knows that Einstein’s equation E=mc2 revolutionized physics, but many people don’t know what the letters stand for. Even if they do, many are confused about why “c”, which is the speed of light, is squared.

MaAnna found that the same problem existed with the common terminology used in New Age thought and spirituality. Many current books and articles speak of an impending paradigm shift in which we will raise our frequency and enter a new dimension. MaAnna wanted to understand what the terms “frequency” and “dimension” meant in this context. She was also interested in the emergence of Complementary Alternative Therapies in the healing arts and the difference between a medical intuitive, a psychic and an energy worker.

To that end, MaAnna began an intensive course of study and investigation that took over four years to complete. That research culminated in writing the book The Sage Age: Blending Science with Intuitive Wisdom. Being degreed in technology and experienced as an intuitive practitioner of music and sound gave her a balanced and discerning approach to explore both schools of thought. “Writing the book completely changed my perspective on the evolution of human thought and where we are headed,” she states.

The Sage Age gives the serious seeker a comprehensive method of understanding the full range of new science as it relates to intuitive wisdom. It demystifies the jargon used in both disciplines and clarifies common misunderstandings. What makes this book new in its approach is that it illuminates the tie of leading-edge science to current intuitive practice instead of ancient mystical texts. What sets the book apart is that it doesn’t just use words often found in books that blend science and spirit, it defines these terms in context to their use.

Every book on the subject already out there has its place because each seeker has a different combination of education and experience. The Sage Age is beyond the primer level but not in the rarefied realms of the Ph.D. It’s for the seeker who has more than a casual interest yet, it is still understandable. The book explains complex ideas with analogies and examples with which anyone can relate. It also includes over 50 illustrations to clarify complicated ideas.

“It’s not a self-help book, but it will change you by changing your perspective,” MaAnna comments. This new work provides a look into the depth and breadth of its subject matter, taking centuries of information and collating it into an understandable cohesive whole. Living up to its mantra of "new models for new thought," this title is certain to be a catalyst for dialogue and is destined to be a major work in its field. The book will also serve as an invaluable reference guide for years to come.

The Sage Age will be published by Nightengale Press and is scheduled to be released in the fall of 2008.

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MaAnna Stephenson
Sage Age