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Offset printing Melbourne (May 23rd, 2008)

Half Price Printing is an award winning, high quality, off-set printing company located in Melbourne. Our graphic design team can create your personalized project from scratch to produce the best end result for your business whether it is the printing of flyers, brochures, business cards and much more. We make printing easy!

Effective advertising can dramatically increase your leads to your small business. And one of the most effective marketing tools is your flyer printing project. So get ready to use your flyer printing project and bring more money for your business.
Halfpriceprint generally accepts print ready network, however, our friendly graphics team will be happy to assist you with any design needs at a reasonable fee. Our prices are slashed to provide our customers quality printing and affordable products.
When you pick up a magazine or a brochure perhaps with all their vibrant color images and clear text, or choose a product from a catalog, have you ever wondered how these print items were produced?
Offset printing is a printing method that transfers the inked image to a rubber blanket, and then applied to a printing surface such as your paper. Most printing companies use this method to reproduce large volumes of documents like your brochure or catalogs because it is generally less expensive than the other printing processes.

Offset printing gives you quality ads at affordable prices. All you have to do as a business owner is to make sure those ads get to be given out to the right hands. Half Price Printing is an award winning, high quality, offset printing Melbourne service offering wholesale prices to the general public. Using the latest technology equipment and software, we offer a huge range of print services including flyers printing, brochure printing, business cards printing and much more. We deliver results to ensure your demands are met!

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