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On Thursday May 1, 2008 a renaissance in Libertarianism is taking place. May Day will be The Libertarian Way. (April 16th, 2008)

The Libertarian Way demonstrates that Libertarianism is more than just an intellectual exercise. It is a philosophy of life—practiced on a daily basis. An individual can use its principles to discover the pleasures of the body, mind and spirit.

Garland, Texas – May 1, 2008  Libertarianism is at a critical crossroad. It is under attack from all directions. Politicians, Absolute Moralists and do-gooders have taken control of our government. In fact they are controlling world events. They preach and enforce what they consider the “politically correct.” They brainwash people with the “joys” of altruism and self-sacrifice. Their ultimate goal is the enslavement of all freedom-loving individuals.

The book “The Libertarian Way – Libertarian Pleasures of the Body, Mind and Spirit” explodes this nonsense for once and for all. The author, Robert A. Meyer has devoted 30 of his life to studying and practicing libertarian principles. He explains the virtues of value for value relationships. He states that he would never purposely trade a higher value for a lower value. Following this principle has resulted in him discovering all the libertarian pleasures life has to offer. He lives “The Libertarian Way.” 

Heather Colman of eBook Palace and Custom Design Graphics says about the author  “Wow! You are one deep person.  You really have a unique way of looking at life."

The foundations of Libertarianism are logically sound. Ludwig von Mises discovered praxeology—and integrated it into a complete science of human action as only an original thinker can. He demonstrated that unhampered capitalism and its corollary individual freedom is the most effective way for individuals to achieve their goals and desires.

Ayn Rand supplied us her philosophy of Objectivism. She demonstrated that the power of reason is the only method for individuals to achieve a life that is uniquely human. She taught us that independent thought based on exact reasoning is the means for successful action.

Ludwig von Mises’ “Human Action” and Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” are the foundations of Libertarianism. Mises begins his reasoning with the a priori. Rand starts with axiomatic concepts. They both realized that there is a starting point in all deductive reasoning. When someone went astray in their reasoning—Rand would advise them to check their premises.

Life is evolutionary and progressive. All foundations must be built upon. As Mises proved—there is no such thing as equilibrium. A static way of life is an illusion.

Such greats as Murray Rothbard, Harry Browne, Nathaniel Branden, Robert Ringer and others built on this marvelous foundation. They expanded economic reasoning and taught us to enjoy personal liberty and freedom. However the building of a libertarian system is far from complete. The enemies of capitalism, independent thought and freedom of choice have thrown many roadblocks in the path of the lone individual—the lover of liberty and freedom. It almost seems as if we are standing still—or even worse, reeling backwards.

The author’s main passion for the past 30 years has been Praxeology and living The Libertarian Way of Life. He also studied philosophy, psychology and metaphysics. For many years he meditated on ways and means of propelling Libertarianism to the next level. He wants to build on the foundation and structure that the greats before him erected. He desires to take Libertarianism from the theoretical realm and transform it into a dynamic and effective way of life. 

On May 1, 2008 Robert A. Meyer is unleashing The Libertarian Way. Of course May 1 is also May Day—the celebration of various socialist and labor movements and generally a celebration of international socialism.

The author says “Now is the time for a renaissance in Libertarianism. It’s time to put all socialism, interventionism and government omnipotence in the grave forever. May Day will be The Libertarian Way.”  .

"The Libertarian Way – Libertarian Pleasures of the Body, Mind and Spirit" is the first in a series of books from its author Robert A. Meyer.  He offers a unique approach to libertarianism—by  taking libertarian principles from the theoretical realm—and integrating them into a living philosophy for everyday life.  Along with the book-- 2 free reports are offered.

 #1 The Individualist Challenges the Absolute Moralist       #2  How to Win the Drug War

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Robert A. Meyer
Robert Meyer and Gloria Hale-Meyer DBA