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Problems in Western Science Resolved By Occult Science (May 08th, 2008)

New Book Unlocks Answers to Mysteries of Cosmology, Evolution, Consciousness and the Nature of Light and Matter.

LONDON, May 8, 2008: “There is an explanation for everything ... ...if only you knew where to look”. But can you find all your answers in science?

There are fundamental, perplexing questions on which science has scratched its head for centuries and is still at it. For example, did anything happen before the Big Bang, if so what? What are the mysteries of Sound and Light, Space and Time, Energy and Matter in manifesting the Cosmos? Do we need God? Who is He? Who made Him? What does He do?

Both science and religion have offered their explanations. But there are still many unanswered areas left.

London-based renowned theosophist and international lecturer Dr. Edi D Bilimoria, in his seminal work titled, “The Snake And The Rope”, finds that the key to unlock answers to the mysteries that have ever perplexed science rests with Occult Science - the science of the hidden laws of nature. He explores how Occult Science answers such conundrums in science as Big Bang theory, infinite energy, extra-terrestrial life, nature of consciousness, and wave-particle duality.

In his book, Dr Bilimoria considers investigations by Western Science into Cosmology, Consciousness, Sound and Light, Biology and Evolutionary Theory. He then contrasts the philosophies and experimental methods of Western Science with those of Occult Science.

The book also delves into issues such as Quantum Physics and the Nature of Light and Matter, exploring why classical physics broke down and how quantum physics opens the door to the esoteric philosophy. Drawing upon hard science evidence that we humans existed alongside and much before the dinosaurs, the author explains why Darwinism is disintegrating.

He examines how we attain Occult Powers, and explores whether we can truly predict the future. Why do scientists get so enraged when paranormal evidence is proven to them, he asks delving into Paranormal Confirmation.

Dr Edi Bilimoria is among “the ‘New Wave’ of Theosophists who are developing and expanding the concepts and vision given to us by Helena Blavatsky and correlating and connecting conventional science with Occult Science”, writes Prof Peter Stewart, FREng, Director, The Informal Centre for the Study of Extended Human Consciousness, in his Foreword to the “The Snake And The Rope” ( Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, (1831-91), popularly called either Madame Blavatsky or simply HPB, is considered the founder of modern Theosophy.

Dr Bilimoria, a Consultant Engineer by profession, has based this book on the prestigious 1997 Blavatsky Lecture he had delivered to The Theosophical Society in England.

Not only will this book appeal greatly to theosophists but it is written in such a lucid manner that it can be of great value to people who are interested in the subjects of Cosmology, Future Science, Physics, Biology, Evolution and Occult Science.
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Snake And The Rope