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Rebecca LittleDeer Makes Law. (May 22nd, 2007)

Rebecca LittleDeer, a Graduate of Aboriginal Law Supports Homelessness Intiatives, along with describing herself through an interview by Voluntary News.

Rebecca LittleDeer is a Graduate of Aboriginal Law, fresh out of Confederation College (Thunder Bay)  I have contacted Rebecca for an interview touching base on her influences, Talents, Charities, and Homelessness intiatives.

Where are you from?.  "Lac Seul."

Where do you reside?  "Kejick Bay."

Do you like the Reserve your in?    "its not bad."

Who was your greatest influence, directing you to complete Aboriginal Law?

"Actually i influence myself because i knew, I can do it, `I accepted the challange plus, i loved it."

Do you have any particular talents that best describe you? 

"Smiling and have the habit of listening to music, thier is lots of stuff."

Have you ever supported Charities, or homelessness initiatives? 

 "well, `during the program that I was in, and while I was living in Thunder Bay I Supported Adopted Children, in the Foster Home and `yes I took part in Homlessness Initaitives, such as Food, `giving a direction or sense of direction `like Education Housing Programs `but at times some would not change that kinda lifestyle cause they would say." "i don't have to worry about a Home or Bills, U know stuff like that, `so they would just wanna live, but yes, `support is important."

Do you consider yourself a good person?

"yes, `but i know i am not perfect, I just live life."

Where do you see yourself five years from now? 

"well hopfully, `still living lol, `just joking, `well i don't know, `just one step at time on what i do for now `so i cannot see five years from now."

Do you Support Anti-Racism? 

"yes, `I think that is important as well."

If there was a chance to change the World, `how would you change it?

"The Environment for sure taking care of Mother Earth is important, `so People like Myself can live,  `gotta live a Healthy Environment even for the Next Generation like our Grandchildren and thier Children."

 Do you believe in equal opportunities, if so, `how would you provide opportunities for the homeless, and all that want to help support AntiRacisim?

"yes `I would love to, `I think Equal Opportunites is very important even for the Mainstream Society."

I`d like to close off on a final question.  Do you love life? 

"yes, `I do, `I don't take myself for granted, I accept the good and the bad because that is life."

Voluntary News.