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SEO Specialist answers important SEO Questions about their SEO Company (February 12th, 2010)

SEO Specialist Mr. Luqman Qadir the head of SEO Company has been asked to answer few Search engine optimization most common SEO Questions, He runs Pakistanís leading website design, website development and SEO Company in Pakistan.

SEO Specialist Mr. Luqman Qadir – The Head of SEO Company has been asked to answer number of Search engine optimization (SEO) questions which may be useful to the online communities’ worldwide, small business firms and even mid-sized companies.
Luqman, when did you start your SEO Career and why SEO, web design and web development?
I feel whilst I started my personal fashion industry website promotion back in 1998 during I was a high school student in Batman and Morrison High School, SEO Industry did not exist, but this was SEO, after spending days and nights figuring out how specific websites were receiving huge amount of traffic, I have noted few things in a rainy cold night, which may help website receive potential customers and website visitors.
Thanks to the number of classified ad sites which has helped me place number of classified ads on their website for free. I remember spending all my Saturdays and Sundays making a huge list of classifieds sites worldwide and Thanks to huge list of American and Canadian classifieds sites which exist back in those days. Fresh content and completely new posts each time you place an ad on one of the classified site(s) was SEO for me back in those days during there were no search engines
Back in those days, this was the only way to receive number of website visitors to your website, and yes, it was not link building at all that has helped website grow, but it was link building which has helped websites grow, I keep studying number of so called SEO Specialists and SEO Consultants talking about link building does not even exist back in those days, I believe, link building exist all times.
The number of text ads I placed in huge list of classifieds sites helped me make my personal website more and more popular and I agreed I was almost done with what it is called, Internet marketing, my post content and our site links were being posted on huge free classifieds sites because of the content and the kind of community we were building online, in matter of just few months, I had around 60,000 signups, I not only kept receiving appreciations, but request to place free and paid banner advertisements on our website, It was all SEO. Search engine optimization and search engine marketing has been started with a new and unique aim, help people business grow over the World Wide Web.
During Google and their technologies got invented, they used to rank websites on the number of things, page title, meta description and keywords, anchor text and alt tags, h1 to h6 headings, as well as the number of back links, and luckily just for fashion my website ranked for around 3 years and this was just because of the link building strategies I have adopted before, Then came Dmoz and Yahoo directory and people started mounting general web directories, social bookmarking communities, and article and press release sites, blogs and so on. SEO is not about page rank, its not about just search engine rankings, seo is about let maximum people discover you, your business and your products or service, it is not about top most important competitive keywords and key-phrases, it’s about your website visibility and how many webmasters, communities online link to your website naturally, and re-tweet your content online. That is the real side of search engine optimization, your website visitors behaviour with your site is SEO, the longer they stay and bookmark your website and share your URL to their friends, family and colleagues, which is the Real side of SEO.
As far as the web design, web development and SEO is concerned, I feel it is in my blood, I loved my computer back in 1998, and internet marketing, finding number of possibilities available to market your business over the worldwide web, this then later has been named SEO by number of search engines and directories, though it is true they never appreciated search engine optimization, but trust, Search engine optimization, Search engine marketing and internet marketing were the only resources which has helped Google, Bing, and Yahoo further grow, earn huge bucks via PPC, These Search engine rankings were the only solid reason to let Google build a huge presence online.
Unlike everyone in our families in Army and in Medical fields, I remained working on internet marketing strategies, I wanted to do something totally difference, and this is why I am still doing the same i.e. website design, website development and search engine optimization and search engine marketing because It is very challenging for me, designing and developing websites from scratch, I study the market, spend days and nights doing research, competitors analysis, making strategies, finding out others mistakes, and improving our website promotion strategies, for me, Link building, SEO Service and website design and website development is a challenge as I am in the market to make difference and to let everyone grow online.
The remaining portion of our interview with SEO Specialist and a leading SEO Consultant shall be published in our up-coming press releases.
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