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Send2Page is the First Free Service for Updating Web Pages via Email (May 28th, 2008) is an innovative new service allowing site owners to modify web page content just by sending HTML formatted email to special Email addresses.

Orlando, FL May 27, 2008 - Send2Page is a new browser-based service that allows web site owners to publish web page content using any Email program. Aimed at millions of small business and community site owners, the service intends to eliminate stale content by reducing the effort required to maintain web sites.
While the concept of publishing via Email is not new (bloggers regularly update their web logs this way), Send2Page is the first service that provides this capability for any type of web site. As with blogging software, Send2Page provides dedicated mailbox accounts for sending updates then provides controls to prevent unauthorized publishing. Unique to the service is a tiny code snippet that merges Emailed content into the web page when it is viewed in the browser.
Send2Page is especially popular with clubs and non-profits that have volunteer webmasters and no budget. In these organizations, the President can update the “President’s message”, the Secretary can update the “news column” and the Web Master can go back to having a life.
Web designers are also a target for the new service. While some prefer to retain complete control over all site updates, many more would like to have the site owners update frequently changing content such as news, event schedules and contact information. In many cases, the revenue generated by making incremental changes is not worth the effort and they’ve found that offering a self-service tool enhances the perceived value of their own service without giving up control over the design of the page.
Perhaps the greatest feature of the new Send2Page service is its transparency. With zero training and no knowledge of HTML or Web Publishing tools, a soccer mom can use her favorite Email program to create the team schedule and send it to the team web site. It’s quite empowering!
Send2Page is a free service of Quality Data, Inc. and is available at
For more information, contact Brian Mishler at

Brian Mishler
Quality Data, Inc.