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Software License Protection with Avangate CodeBox (June 04th, 2008)

Avangate and Uniloc launch joint service to provide software vendors complete and reliable software copyright protection: from licensing module to online distribution.

Uniloc USA Inc., the leader in device-based authentication for software license management and access control today announced a joint software copy protection service with Avangate. Avangate, a full service provider of electronic software distribution and reseller management for software vendors and Uniloc are partnering to offer a complete service for software copyright protection, available as Avangate CodeBox. The solution minimizes software piracy risks and visibly increases revenue for software publishers while providing a positive end-user experience.

Avangate CodeBox integrates three modules: Uniloc SoftAnchorô, the Avangate(R) License Management Module, and the Avangate advanced antifraud system for advanced software copy protection.

"By pairing the Avangate electronic software registration and e-commerce solution with SoftAnchor, we are providing sophisticated license protection for our software partners while delivering user-friendly software activation for their customers." said Cristian Badea, Chief Information Officer for Avangate. "Uniloc's advanced software copy protection capabilities will be a tremendous facilitator in our delivery of premier software offerings."

Having a licensing strategy is mandatory in order for a software business to address both software piracy challenges and user demands for a truly user friendly experience. The ability to manage software activation in real time allows developers to increase or decrease software activation parameters to strike a balance between help desk calls and piracy protection while optimizing viral marketing models.

"Uniloc's partnership with Avangate is a symbiotic venture of perfectly matching services. Together we can provide a stable and unique solution that protects software vendors' revenue and client portfolio," says Casey Potenzone, CIO of Uniloc. "Avangate CodeBox integrating SoftAnchor provides a competitive advantage for software publishers answering real software business challenges including copyright protection, end-user experience and secured payments."

How it works
Avangate's integration with SoftAnchor allows Avangate's software partners to add an enhanced layer of copy protection to sold licenses, minimizing piracy risks while taking control of licenses currently in use. Combined with Avangate's License Management Module and advanced anti-fraud services, the Avangate CodeBox, jointly provided by Avangate and Uniloc, delivers an easy-to-use software registration process and transparent integration within the online ordering process creating the ultimate customer end-user experience.

About Uniloc SoftAnchor
SoftAnchorp polite software activation addresses the delicate balance between IP protection and call-center free user operation. The SoftAnchor licensing solution leverages Unilocís patented physical device locking technologies and enables developers with unparalleled security through fully embedded security configurations. SoftAnchorís thousands of code variations and obfuscation practices ensure maximum code enforcement - and the highest hack-resistance available. Unlike other one-solution-fits-all anti-piracy measures, if any one title is ever somehow cracked, that same crack will not apply to any other products. SoftAnchor supports a wide range of licensing variations, enabling clients to move into emerging markets throughout the global economy.

About Uniloc
Uniloc USA is the leader in electronic physical device recognition for software copy control and information security. The core technology driving Uniloc innovation is Physical Device Recognition, the companyís patented method of uniquely identifying a user device, such as a PC, embedded device, smart phone or cell phone, by the naturally occurring, inherent physical imperfections of that device, and then incorporating that physical device fingerprint into licenses or access credentials. Unilocís technologies can identify devices with more comparable accuracy than human DNA. Uniloc is the inventor and holder of the seminal physical device locking patent (U.S. 5,490,216) and has 15 related patents pending. Uniloc has applied its Physical Device Recognition technical expertise to several vertical markets, including software publishing, government network access control, online banking and trading, and CD/DVD anti-theft. For more detailed information, please visit

Uniloc, SoftAnchor and LicenseInsight are trademarks of Uniloc Inc. All other brand and product names are, or may be trademarks of their respective owners.

About Avangate
Avangate provides solutions for electronic software distribution and reseller management, assisting software companies worldwide in successfully selling their products online and at the same time efficiently managing a distribution network. The company's offer includes an eCommerce platform incorporating an easy to use and secure online payment system plus software marketing services and additional marketing and sales tools such as an affiliate network, automated cross selling options, software promotion management, real time reporting, 24/7 shopper support and the ARMS reseller management program specifically designed for software sales.
More information can be found on the corporate website, at

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