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TLC-Chamonix, LLC acquires WirelessWall from Cranite Systems, Inc. (June 05th, 2008)

TLC-Chamonix, LLC has acquired WirelessWall, the World Famous Wireless Network Protection software.

TLC-Chamonix, LLC has acquired WirelessWall, the World Famous Wireless Network Protection software. TLC-Chamonix acquired Wireless Wall from Cranite Systems in 2008.

About TLC-Chamonix
TLC offers access solutions for enterprises and SMBs that uniquely put mobile and remote users on their corporate networks from anywhere as simply and securely as when they're at their desk.

TLC's products are delivered through a nation-wide network of solution partners.
About Wireless Wall
WirelessWall is a best-of-breed, proven solution for securing wireless local area networks (WLANs) used in some of the most sensitive and demanding environments. It is the industry’s premier FIPS 140-2 validated software-based solution for protecting wireless networks at the Layer 2 level.
Only WirelessWall provides Blanket Security protecting your enterprise and datacenter in the following manner:
1. WirelessWall enforces uniform high (WPA2-grade) security across the board, regardless of access point (AP) vendor. Because it is independent of the radio technology being used, it can support any mix of 802.11a, b, g, j or 802.11n access points from any vendor, and can operate across long-haul bridges such as 802.16 (WiMax).
2. WirelessWall protects existing infrastructure investment by enabling strong security on legacy APs and client WLAN cards that may only support WEP or WPA.
3. WirelessWall centralizes firewall and port-management policies for large clusters of access points, providing a simplified, common management interface that would otherwise have to be replicated to each access point. It allows for more rapid response to security changes, and reduces TCO for administering large clusters of APs.
4. WirelessWall offers virtualization and cloaking to provide full mobility to allow users to roam between APs and stay securely connected. This architecture also supports failover and redundancy.
5. WirelessWall provides true end-to-end security by encrypting the network from every client all the way to the datacenter. Off-the-shelf access points leave you vulnerable -- only securing from the user to the access point, which can leave the distant bridge from datacenter to AP unencrypted and vulnerable to sniffers. WirelessWall closes the security gap, securing the datacenter to each wireless laptop, desktop or mobile device.
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