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Taxi Drivers Enthused about Fuel Savings Test Results (October 24th, 2005)

The worldwide impact of record high fuel prices has placed an unprecedented burden further stretching already strained fuel budgets and consumer pocketbooks.

Like many consumers, including taxi companies around the globe, myriads of fuel additives and/or fuel conditioners have been used and tested with minimal or no noticeable difference in fuel savings, much less reduced emissions. Making matters worse, many left behind damaged engines and/or fuel systems.

Dial-A-Cab, a London based taxi consortia, was recently contacted with another company promoting a fuel conditioner, this time in the form of a PowerPill called the Ring SMS UBiee Power Pill, claiming usage would provide:

· Fuel Savings
· Reduced emissions

Originating with N.A.S.A. during research for a rocket propellant that would reduce volatility, it was discovered that their new product would reduce sulfur and water content in both gasoline and diesel fuel, thus enabling fuel to run cleaner and better.

New Image International, a product development company, bought the rights under agreement to a marketing moratorium of 10 years outside of Asia and New Zealand. A decade later, manufactured under ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Program, exclusive marketing rights were secured in three continents by Ring SMS UBiee, and the PowerPill, aka Power Pill Fe-3, has begun to resonate its fuel savings, maintenance savings, and emission reduction around the globe.

Call Sign Magazine announced that Dial-A-Cab would be testing the UBiee Power Pill in their September 2005 issue, promising to publish results in their October 2005 issue. Claims of fuel savings and emission reductions, hydrocarbon compatibility, burning completely, and leaving behind no residue build-up inside engine, the UBiee PowerPill fuel conditioner was put to a rigid test.

The October 2005 issue published results from all tests, resounding “…drivers say it works!”

Ring SMS UBiee CEO and President, Dr. Michael U. Dolgoruky, not surprised by the fuel savings or emission reductions, stated, “Not only does it help performance, fuel consumption and emissions, but our experience shows that parts connected to the fuel, such as filters and injectors, etc., are also lasting much longer, also adding to the savings brought on by the Power Pill”. Global reports are published at

With record high fuel prices, welcome relief for consumer budgets receives a helping hand via a tested and proven environmentally friendly product known as the UBiee Power Pill, accompanied with an historically proven track record resulting in fuel savings and emission reduction, as well as maintenance savings and extended engine life.

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