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The Adcidia™ Network Launched, Smartads is No Longer, and a New Web Site is Introduced! (June 12th, 2008)

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada ( - A well respected internet marketing company (Smartads), has just announced the birth of The Adcidia™ Network. Adcidia™ has taken over as the front company for the entire network including,, and many others alike.

"With the birth of 'Yahoo! Smart Ads', my decision to change the company name, web site, marketing strategy, and branding was final. Branding is so important for a company online. Over the years, the lack of having .com and having .info instead as the front company has always hurt my business. is, and forever will be unique to the industry which is exactly what I've been looking for," Says Martin Lemieux, president

Adcidia™ - An eSyndication Advertising Network which hosts over 27 web sites, some of which are ezine article directories, business 411 web directories, and press release syndication web sites help to advertise a business which include;

- and many more Canadian content specific directories

Based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada - Adcidia™ (formally Smartads) has amassed over 40,000+ registered authors who have submitted over 90,000+ articles for reprint online, and also hosts over 20,000+ business listings within its network.

"This new site is the forefront of everything I've created over the years. has combined my entire network all in one to showcase each individual web site, its function, and content," Asserts Mr. Lemieux

Visitors directed to have 4 different options:

1) Reprint Articles:
People can easily reprint articles for their web site, newsletter, blog, or syndication directly and can choose from over 800 different categories of content from 7 different sources.

2) Submit Content:
Authors, writers, bloggers, and business owners have the option of submitting content to 6 different content directories with another 3 on the way.

3) Submit Directory Listings:
Business owners can submit their company listing to over 27 different directories to gain exposure online.

4) Syndicate RSS Feeds: gives you over 800+ different category specific RSS feeds to syndicate online within RSS readers, newsletters, and other social media web sites.

"With my network growing at a fast rate, it was imperative that we introduce a 'directory of directories' to make sure that visitors have the opportunity to see all that we have to offer them," inserts Martin


About Adcidia™

We are an eSyndication advertising network giving entrepreneurs, webmasters, and business owners the opportunity to advertise their business effectively online through our many unique online directories that reach across the globe and receive millions of visitors every year.


1-29 Strathcona Ave S
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
L8P 4J1

TEL: 1-905-393-3169

About Martin Lemieux

Martin has been designing, building, and marketing web sites for over 7 years now and has extensive knowledge on how to promote a business online. His business tips have been published within 10's of thousands of web sites worldwide, and continues to deliver high quality web directories for entrepreneurs to take advantage of.


Martin Lemieux