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The New Face Of Plazan Skin Care (October 04th, 2006)

Cyprus based Ost Cosmetics ltd - worldwide distributor of Plazan professional cell therapy cosmetics, announced today that
34 year old, Russian part time model and business woman,
Oksana Strelnikova will be the new face of Plazan.
Oksana , who is also a co.owner of Ost Cosmetics ltd said.
"This is a very exciting time not just for me, but for the company as a whole,
what better face could we use to promote a brand, than one that has been using Plazan products for 5 years herself ".
She went on to say. "I have done other modeling jobs in the past, but nothing like this.
It was an honor to be asked if I would like to be the new face of Plazan".
Director of marketing for Ost cosmetics, Neil Hart was quoted as saying
"Oksana is perfect for the Plazan brand, her beauty and talent have a broad appeal to our customers, we are thrilled to be working with her".
Popularity has grown in the Plazan brand through a tradition of word-of-mouth endorsement from makeup artists, models, TV presenters and journalists from around the world.
Plazan hit the headlines earlier last year, after pop sensation Jennifer Lopez revealed she used placenta cell therapy facial treatments for keeping her skin looking younger for longer.

Research-and-production enterprise Plazan have worked in the market of cell therapy cosmetics and medicines since 1991 and is a group of highly skilled experts in this field.
They are doctors and candidates of medical, pharmacological, and biological sciences. Many of these specialists have been working for numerous years in the field of cell therapy at the academy of sciences for the Russian Federation.
Some employees of the company had been engaged in the development and study of placental cell therapy preparations from as far back as 1986
In 1989 at The Russian Academy of sciences "Plazan" won a grant for innovative activity for research of biologically active placental cell extracts, and in 1991 the placental cell therapy preparations developed by the company where entered into clinical tests by the health authorities. Since 1998 "Plazan" is the only company officially recognized as the developer of placental cell preparations by the Ministry of Health for Russia.

Neil Hart
Ost cosmetics ltd