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Video Exchange ties Darfur refugees with World (April 05th, 2007)

The Crystal Awards Film Festival wants videos from everyone for their Darfur PeopleWithoutBorders project. They seek videos which express who you are,
what values you live for, what you find beautiful, funny, profound, meaningful,
silly, or uplifiting.
These will be shown to some of the hundreds of thousands
of refugees who have fled the fighting and genocide in Darfur, Sudan, where 200,000
have already died, and many more are in grave danger. A documentary film is planned about the project, and submitted videos may be included in it.
Videos need not be 'serious', despite the refugees' circumstances, after all,
they need humor and diversion as much as inspiration. What is really wanted
are videos which show who you are, and why life is meaningful to you.

There is no fee to anyone to submit a video. Just go to the site
at and register (put 'Darfur' in the subject line of your email)
You may submit as many videos as you want. Those selected will be publicized
on the site and through over 600 RSS feeds, 200 blogs, press releases, news outlets, and hundreds of partner sites.

For information on how to enter, go to Or email them at Or call them at (626) 230-8862.

John Zimmer
The Crystal Awards