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WL marketing Launches “Post Dating” Feature, Providing Their Customers Better Control Over SEO Campaign (February 11th, 2010)

WL marketing now allows their customers to schedule the various aspects of a SEO campaign as per their convenience. When you place an order with them, you can now specify when they should start on your order depending upon your specific needs. This feature thus can really be very helpful in implementing the SEO plans more successfully.

WL marketing has recently added plenty of new features to the services they offer. “Post dating” is one of them. Whether it is about placing an order for search engine indexing, posting to article directories, Hub (Hubpages) or Lens (Squidoo) creation, social bookmarking, directory submission, or blog carnival, customers now get an option to tell them specifically when they should perform the requested task. Most SEO service providers do not offer such convenience. They start to perform the task as soon as they get the orders. In that case, it is actually they instead of the customer, who take control of the campaign, who may eventually make things more complicated. WL marketing thus gets an edge over them as they allow you to have full control on your campaign. They are there to help you the way you want. For example, you can schedule your orders to go off bi-weekly or you may add specific instruction for them to work on your orders in the beginning of every month. You can schedule things depending upon your specific needs and requirements. They will take care of the scheduling as specified by you so that you could plan more efficiently, ensuring positive results from your SEO campaign.                
WL marketing is one of the leading SEO service providers on Internet who has gained rapid popularity in the last few years because of a wide array of result-oriented services they have to offer. Their services cover all aspects of website optimization and promotion. Both newcomers as well as professionals can take advantage of their easy and reliable services. They are also known for their unparalleled tracking system and fast and friendly customer services. Besides that, they also offer bulk discount offers, but it works in a different way. Instead of deducting a certain amount of discount on the total price, they credit the amount to your account. For example, when you avail services worth $500, 15% is credited to your account, which you can use for future purchases. Sometimes, if the PayPal system is down and you have to place an order urgently, you may not be able to do so. But, if you have bought some credits in advance, you can easily get a hassle-free checkout even if the PayPal server is down. An interesting thing is that every time you make a purchase (even when you are paying through your earned credits), you add some more credits to your account. In short, you earn while you spend.
The services offered by WL marketing can be very useful for those who are running some online projects, websites, blogs, or an online shopping store. Efficient Internet marketing is the key to success in the online market but like any other form of marketing, it is not a one-step process. It is a lengthy and complicated process. The new features offered by WL marketing are undoubtedly a nice attempt to make the process a hassle-free experience.

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