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What happens when you’ve lost the will to breathe? (May 31st, 2008)

Award-winning poet and inspirational author Deborah Simpson answers this and much more in Chronicles of a Sage: Spiritual Revelations via Canto (196 pp), a collection of ten chapters of identifiable and interpretable poetry and stirring inspirational passages. Simpson is a five time winner of the Poetrysoup International Award of Excellence.

Thomas Saint McReynolds, author of the bestseller, The Silver Thaw, says, "Her voice is a beacon of light, reason and wisdom in an era of unprecedented social and spiritual transformation, and it is my fervent belief that one day Simpson will be heralded as one of the preeminent, inspiriting influences of the 21st Century."
Each chapter of Chronicles of a Sage: Spiritual Revelations via Canto journeys into the entire human experience. Concluding each segment of mesmerizing verse, you will delve into the author’s personal insights offering newfound hope and strength.
L.E. Pippen, Author/Poet & Founder of MondialAmour (MA) Entertainment Group says of Simpson’s blend of verse and inspirational renderings: "If it's a journey that you are searching for to clear your mind of unwanted thoughts, tribulations, and/or adversities... If you are looking for a way to purge your mind of negative thoughts while being engulfed by words that are spiritually free and so full of emotion that it will take you to another place and time... even if only for a moment... With her book, "Chronicles of a Sage: Spiritual Revelations via Canto" Deborah has definitely given new meaning to the word "Emotion"... So, if you're ready to be taken on an emotional journey that will have you captivated with every word that has been written, then this is a "must" read.”
Deborah Simpson works as the Director of Poetry Development at Triad Publishing Group and is a sponsor of international poetry contests at She has authored and published three books and is currently working on several more while working in marketing and promotions.

Deborah maintains her website at
ISBN 978-0615188973
To arrange a book signing or interview, contact Deborah Simpson at 732-801-8643 or via email at

Deborah Simpson