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You Won’t Have Any “Fun, Fun, Fun” in Your Vehicle Until … (November 18th, 2005)

…your carbon kids are taken away. In fact, your will be spending your “mun, mun, mun” until those skuzzy little rebels are removed.

Remember the good old days when you drove your brand new vehicle off the lot -- the engine purred like a kitten, responded to your slightest touch, you got the miles per gallon claimed on the sticker, and driving was something you looked forward to? You may have even enjoyed being nominated the “designated” driver.

A few months later, the honeymoon’s over, your engine is now whiney, miles per gallon decreases, your vehicle ignores your gentle touch, it starts coughing up fur ball type toxic exhaust emissions, and you start seeking gas stations for the cheapest prices attempting to rectify the excess fuel now required.

Yep, it happens to the best of us, even after we have pampered our vehicle in every way imaginable.

Now, you may be thinking, “yeah, well, so – it is inevitable, just a law of nature when it comes to aging vehicles”. But au contraire mon frere. Quite the opposite!

The culprit responsible for taking the purr out of your engine, the sluggish response, the unhealthy foul emissions, and the decreased miles per gallon is carbon deposits loitering around in your engine!

Carbon deposits, like uninvited guests at any fuel party, create carbon babies during combustion in your engine. Here’s how that happens – all gasoline, diesel, and bio-diesel fuel contain water and sulfur. When water and sulfur meet, they produce sulfuric acid. Sulfuric acid not burned off during combustion leaves behind carbon kids, aka carbon deposits.

These little carbon kids cling to life on spark plugs, valves, among many other unsuspecting components in your engine. And not only that, they love those group hugs. So, the end result is an unhealthy engine screaming for help while you are screaming back, “Why can’t you be like you were when we first met?”

Counseling is in order and the Fuel Doctor says, “simply post a ‘No Loitering’ sign for those carbon groupies in your engine”.

It’s easy enough to do – just pop a Power Pill in your tank at each fill up. The Power Pill creates a “police state” where it prevents newborn carbon deposits from forming and removes the fattened toddlers hanging around.

It defends any size engine powered by gas, bio-diesel, or diesel fuel. The size of a penny, known as the UBiee PowerPill, conditions your engine, leaving it purring with a renewed response to your gentle touch, increases your miles per gallon, substantially reduces those hostile emissions, and saves you money – all at the same time.

Now, you will be able to have fun, fun, fun, and no one can take that away!

Dee Scrip is a well known and respected published expert author of numerous articles on Fuel Economy, PowerPill Fe-3, Home Business, Business Opportunities, Fundraising, VoIP, VoIP Security, and other related VoIP issues.

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