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Amy Martin’s First Book Provides Hope Through Life’s Challenges (May 24th, 2008)

Wife, Mother and Caregiver Shares Insights Gained from Amazing Series of Medical and Family Crises

NORTH CAROLINA – May 23, 2008 – Amy Martin has experienced many medical challenges in a life that has barely spanned forty years, only one of which would have been considered a major health crisis for any person. In her first offering as an author, Ms. Martin lets us into her thoughts as she deals with each new blow to her health, and shares the insights she has gained on facing all of life’s challenges. Her memoir, Living to Tell About It, A Pursuit of Normalcy (ISBN 978-1-4357-1449-6) has just been released.

Amy Martin’s first medical nightmare started at the age of nineteen, when she experienced a stroke upon exiting the pool on her college campus. As she writes in the first chapter, “I came up to the surface and experienced an excruciating pain above my right eye … Little did I know this would be the beginning of a long journey.” As Mrs. Martin shares with the readers, she was an athlete who appeared the picture of health. Who thinks of a teenager as being prone to a stroke while swimming laps in the pool? This striking scenario of the first chapter automatically reminds the reader that nothing in life can be taken for granted.

Living to Tell About It goes on to explain Amy Martin’s struggles with a partial and later a full colectomy, a resulting MRSA infection, head trauma from a severe car accident followed by intensive and lengthy physical therapy, Graves’ disease, gallbladder surgery and the death of her mother. Amy’s story unfolds in a chronological fashion, meeting the readers during her freshman year at North Carolina State and bringing us to her current life nearly twenty years later as wife and mother of two sons. Ms. Martin currently serves as the Director of Visiting Angels, a senior home care agency, in her home state.

Martin will discuss the release of Living to Tell about it, A Pursuit of Normalcy as a guest on Writers in the Sky Podcast (WITS). The online show about writing, publishing and marketing books provides information about the industry to book lovers and writers alike. Amy Martin employed Writers in the Sky to assist with the process of preparing and publishing her memoir, and will discuss this working relationship during her interview with host Sarah Moore. Martin’s interview is scheduled for May 23, 2008 and will be available for download on iTunes as well as from, where many other shows are also archived.

Living to Tell About It, A Pursuit of Normalcy can be purchased through,, and or by request at your favorite bookstore.

Amy Martin